Comparing Storke's 'French And Indian War'

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A. Hook – incorporate info. French and Indian War B. Transition - While the American colonists fought as allies of the British during the French and Indian War, the British victory greatly affected their postwar relationship. C. Thesis - The emerging war between the American colonists and Great Britain was inevitable by January 1776, • as changes in British policies angered American colonists and forced them to seek colonial independence from Great Britain o As colonists felt changes in British policies were too oppressive • as the British continued to impose direct taxes and polices on the colonists, as well as restrict their civil liberties D. Support a. Economic b. Political c. Emotional/psychological 1st Body Paragraph A. Economic Impact …show more content…

Newly imposed British laws b. British asserts imperial power 3rd Paragraph A. Emotional/psychological impact a. Growing resentment/Anger b. Dissension/exerting independence History: add more information here (Hook Intro. Paragraph) French and Indian War 1757 - 1763 (known in England as the Seven Years War): For nine years, the British fought the French and Indian allies for control of the Ohio River Valley • A critical event ----------------- As noted by author, E.G. Storke in his book, The History of Cayuga County, “The French were vanquished and the sovereignty of the country conceded to England.” Source: The History of Cayuga County E.G. Storke Page 18 Britain – territorial gain (What lands?) An affirmation of power Between 1763 – 1776, ----- (over the next 12 years) the relationship between the American colonists and the British changed drastically /tensions rose between the colonists and the British. 1st problem: The Proclamation of 1763 declared by King George III • Block quote: introduce properly • In the Proclamation of 1763, King George III …show more content…

We are connected, and who live under Our Protection should not be molested or disturbed...no Governor...in any of Our other Colonies or Plantations in America, do presume for the present...to grant Warrants of Survey, or pass Patents for any Lands beyond the Heads or Sources of any of the Rivers which fall into the Atlantic Ocean.... We do...enjoy and require that no private Person do presume to make any Purchase from the said Indians of any Lands reserved to the said

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