Comparing Sun, Moon And Disney's Sleeping Beauty

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Giambattista Basile’s story of the original Sleeping Beauty called Sun, Moon, and Talia, and Disney’s 1959 film Sleeping Beauty have both shown that true love can prevail the threats that come at someone in life. In Basile’s version of sleeping beauty, the king rapes Talia, impregnanting Talia to give birth to two babies that she cherishes deeply, and falls in love with the king after meeting him (Basile, 2). This portrayal does not help send the message because she is strongly in love with her babies all because of the king, ignoring the fact that the king rapes Talia unconscious. In addition, readers to believe that true love is so strong, that it can blind the awareness of someone’s own well being. In the film version, Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora…show more content…
Therefore, the film version does a better job of sending the message that true love can prevail the threats that come in their life because it was able to establish the conquering of the overwhelming conflict faced by Philip. Finally, in the written version, the main female antagonist is the king’s wife in which she takes revenge on her husband for cheating on her over Talia, and plots a plan that involves killing Talia’s children and cook them into dishes for the king to eat, as a punishment (Basila, 3). This is portrayed as an inevitable consequence because there was nothing in the king or Talia’s power to stop the the wife from plotting her plan to kill the children (Basila, 3). The king orders the people to kill his wife in a fire after realizing what was going on, but had no significant presence to the resolving or overcoming a conflict, thus does not help send the message that true love can prevail the threats that come in your life. In contrast, the film version main female antagonist is Maleficent, known as the “Mistress of evil” has been the source of Philip’s obstacles that he has to
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