Comparing Superman And Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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With Odysseus’s sharp intellect, he was able to conquer Troy by fooling the Trojans to let him and his men inside the gates by tricking them into thinking that they had left Troy, but they were really inside the wooden horse that they had given to the Trojans as a “peace offering”. On the other hand, Superman is more than just a muscle head; he is able to think faster than a supercomputer. Superman is able to come up with plans in the heat of the moment that help him and his superhero friends save the world. Superman and Odysseus do have a lot more in common than you think. One cannot deny that, Odysseus was a loyal husband, a strong, and brave leader. He was able to defeat great beasts with his men on the long twenty year voyage. Odysseus was loyal to his wife Penelope even when he had other women trying to go after him. He wouldn’t run away from danger he would go to it. As stated before, Odysseus was smart; he was able to outwit the cyclops, Polyphemus by getting him drunk and blinding him. After he had gotten Polyphemus drunk and blinded him, he…show more content…
Superman embodies the ideals of a nation. Just like Odysseus, Superman is strong, compassionate, and brave. Superman is able to pick up a plane with arm, now that is what you call super human strength. He loves to just save everyday people or people that can’t really defend themselves against the forces of evil. Superman would put his life on the line to save millions every day of his life. He also doesn’t run away from danger, he is the first to go towards it. He is also very confident in his abilities; he believes that he is able to take on any danger that comes to. “A hero is someone that you admire and strive to be more like. They contain qualities you desire in yourself,” (Rob, Marcus Pointe Youth Pastor). Superman is definitely someone that can be admired, and one way to be more like him could be you making smart and logical
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