Comparing Tangled And Grimm's Brother´s Fairy Tale

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In Tangled, the movie, and in Rapunzel, the Grimm’s Brother’s fairy tale, there are many similarities and differences. For example, both of the main characters, Rapunzel, have many similarities. They both have long hair, live in a tower, and fall in love. Comparing and contrasting both stories would help to show many of the stories similarities and differences.
In both stories, Tangled and the Grimm’s Brother’s fairy tale, there are many similarities. For example, the Rapunzel in both stories have long hair. In Tangled, it is said that her hair is supposed to be seventy feet long. In the fairy tale, it is not identified, but we know her hair is extremely long. Also, Rapunzel’s “mom” was an imposter. Not only was her “mom” and imposter, but she was also a powerful witch. She
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For instance, Rapunzel’s hair had magical powers in Tangled. Her hair could heal the extremely sick, prevent aging, and even bring people back to life. Who wouldn’t want these abilities? Also, Rapunzel’s parents, in the movie, could have kids. Though it was not thoroughly explained, the parents in the fairy tale could not have children, due to unknown circumstances. In the movie, it didn’t seem like her parents had any problems with having children, other than the mother becoming ill. In addition, the prince become blind in the fairy tale. The prince went blind because he fell from Rapunzel’s tower and landed on a huge bed of thorns. Flynn Rider, the “prince” from Tangled, was viciously stabbed by Mother Gothel. In conclusion, there are various differences between the movie adaption and the Grimm’s Brother’s fairy tale. Each story, Tangled, and the Grimm’s Brother’s fairy tale are different and alike in many ways. In both stories, Rapunzel found love. Also, her prince helped her become royal. As I have said, each story is alike and different in many ways, including being unique in their own
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