Comparing The 50s To Today's Society

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There are similarities and differences between the 50s and today’s society the 50s were a bad time to be in for all people. People were discriminated by other people. Whites discriminated the blacks because of their color, blacks didn’t have the same rights as the whites and that isn’t fair. They couldn’t even drink from the same water fountain or even use the same bathroom because of the color. This also includes having problems with war but dodge it because in the article called “The Fifties”: Fifties Society the text says, “Dwight D Eisenhower, who emerged from the war as the military man with the most political appeal” Some blacks and whites think they liked the 50s because in the article called “The Fifties: Fifties society” it says,…show more content…
Woman in the 50s stayed at home to clean and do things at the house while the man went to war or work but today the service has a lot of woman in it and so does the police. Families are making more money now because the man and the woman have a good job making money but in the 50s only the man had a job and if the woman had a job they weren’t getting highly paid. There are improvements to the medical field today than there was in the 50s by now having more educated doctors, nurses and even having better technology like the x rays and even the better medicine we have today and because we have the better technology and more educated people there are less deaths in the hospital. There is more jobs today than there was in the
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