Comparing The Age Of Exploration And Conquest Of The New World

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The Age of Exploration not only brought land and resources for the Europeans, but also a cruel African slave trade and the destruction of Native American civilization and religions. During this time, a quest for the spread of religion, riches, and fame for many countries was present, and so, they sent voyages towards the new land to set up colonies and further expand their borders. When exploring these lands, the colonists did not take the native people into account when planting the seeds of a new colony, and usually took advantage of their simplistic and unknowing nature. They took their culture, religion, and resources away from them. The exploration and conquest of the New World brought a society that thrived on the hard work of slaves to develop the economies of other countries. Many explorers were sent to and from the Americas in hopes of bringing back resources to further improve life and economy in their countries. The Native Americans were stripped of their own culture…show more content…
Natives were left with nothing after the Europeans wiped them of their resources and way of life. When bringing up new colonies to thrive, the Europeans did not care for the lives of the native people, and so, they were left homeless, without their natural resources, and with a new culture brought upon them by the Europeans. Slavery was commonplace during that time, especially with the large slave trade going on between the New World and Africa. Millions of native people roamed the Americas before the Europeans, but disease wiped out most of the population. The Europeans caused such diseases. Events from European expeditions such as genocide of a simple and basic people, the African slave trade, and growth of New World colonies left a large mark on the developing history of the world, and brought what is now our
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