Comparing The Anasazi And Chaco Canyons

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The Anasazi and Chaco Canyons More than over a thousand years ago in the southwest part of the United States; Utah, Colorado, Chaco Canyons and Arizona meets were the Anasazi Indians settled down in the Chaco Canyon. The canyon stretch 9 miles long and at some places was 2 miles wide. There it was discovered 13 villages were at one point living there. Over 500 Anasazi Indians occupied the canyon at one point. Built between the 10 -12 century and abandon it the 13 century. The Anasazi Indians was known for building the villages on or around cliffs. One of the biggest was the Pueblo Bonito it reach five stories and had about 800 rooms the largest at the time. Built in a semi-circle it was built to protect from the harsh winters and animals.

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