Comparing The Bhagavad: Arjuna And Job

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In the work of The Bhagavad-gītā and the work of Job both the main protagonists of each work, Arjuna and Job, seek guidance and wisdom from their respective gods. Arjuna seek for guidance from Krishna during the war and job from his god for why he has been suffering. Each god from the works responds to their person but each respond in a different way. In the work, Bhagavad-gītā Krishna gives Arjuna a straight forward answer. On the other hand, the god in the work Job does not. Each work shows how the relationship bet ween the gods and the humans work. In the Indian culture the gods is someone who can show the people the way but in the Hebrew culture their god test the loyalty of the humans. In both cultures from the works the people will seek their gods for guidance and wisdom but the outcomes are not the same in both places. There are similarities and differences between how the relationships between people and the gods work in the different cultures. Each work the main character has a problem that is troubling the throughout each work. each character…show more content…
In the work The Bhagavad-gītā Arjuna struggle with dharma vs karma. which is that he is a warrior and this is his duty to fight in the war, but he will be killing his family members and the fact that he has feeling for the people he is about to kill. The god in the work, Krishna, give him a pretty straight forward answer. Krishna in The Bhagavad-gītā states “you have mourned those not to be mourned the wise do not grieve for those who are gone… there was no time when I was not, nor you, nor these lords around us, and there will never be a time henceforth when we shall not exist.” (citation 732) Krishna is saying that death doesn’t matter because everything is reincarnated and cannot be destroyed so arjuna should not worry about his karma and just worry about his
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