Comparing The Book 'The Haunted Museum, The Titanic Locket'

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The Haunted Museum, The Titanic Locket Comparing the main characters - Samantha and Jessica Burnett Samantha and Jessica Burnett go on a spring cruise on the Titanic II after visiting a Titanic exhibit at the Haunted Museum in England. Jessica touches a locket at the exhibit and it eerily starts to follow them everywhere. Many creepy things happen to them. Their cabin number keeps changing and they hear creepy sounds from between the walls. Why does Jess call Sam by another name? Is the ship haunted? Is the locket haunted? It seems the girls had been haunted by spirits. Jessica (13) and her younger sister Samantha (12) are very much alike, but they do have one minor difference. That difference is that Samantha follows rules and Jessica
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