Comparing The Capulets: A Letter To Cousin Tybalt

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City of Mantua

City of Verana
The Capulets

Dear: Juliet

I am sorry to inform you I am the one who killed your cousin Tybalt. I only did it because he charged at me first. I declared my love for you and that triggered your cousin, Tybalt, challenged me to a duel. Mercutio then took my place, but was struck and died. Tybalt then charged at me, I had no choice but to defend myself, I struck him. If I had not done that I would not be standing here today and our love would forever end in such tragedy. I am only doing this to express how bad I feel for what happened and that I want your forgiveness. I love you very much and would never intentionally kill anyone in your family. Even if our families don’t get along, I would never do anything
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