Comparing The Compsons In The Sound And The Fury

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One of the principle substances of human presence is the consistent, continuous section of time. The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner investigates this reality of time in numerous new and sudden courses as he tells the disastrous tail of the Compson family. The Compsons are an old Southern privileged family to whom time has not been caring. A long time of degeneration primarily coming from subjugation have conveyed them to the verge of demolition. The greater part of the story concentrates on the Compson kids who are experiencing the most noticeably awful of the social and good rot. Each of the four kids sees time in an entirely different manner yet by a wide margin the weirdest and most unusual demeanor toward time that is given in the…show more content…
His work The Sound and the Fury is really a small scale perspective of the South itself. The Compson family and especially the Compson kids are all gradually breaking apart. Faulkner utilizes this to typically demonstrate how the old-style Southern nobility from the turn of the twentieth century was in a noteworthy decrease. The Quentin segment most piercingly represents this point in light of the fact that the aftereffect of this rot actually demolishes him at last. The reason for this rot is obviously subjection, however the ramifications of this rot from bondage are much more distant coming to than only the Southern gentry. Many individuals trust that subjection promptly finished with the Civil War however this is not right. Proceeding right up 'til the present time there are still leftovers and scars departed over from that shocking establishment. In the content the most evident leftovers of subjection were the Compson"s primitive dark hirelings who were clearly the children of the dark slaves once possessed by the family. Similarly as Quentin glorified the past a few Southerners have this photo of the old South as a great and magnificent place. They romanticize about it and even wish to stop time so as to come back to the past much as Quentin wished to do. Tragically, as Quentin, their perspectives of the past and time are appallingly twisted. They can 't recall the detestations of the past that were described by Southern subjection. The organization was a repulsive tumor that was always rotting the good and moral base of the South. At last Quentin was so overcome with ceasing time and coming back to the way things were that he truly decimated himself. Faulkner is attempting to caution the individuals who wish to come back to "past times worth remembering" that they were a period that ought not be adulated and longed for but instead that they are times that ought to be
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