Comparing The Crucible To The 21st Century

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There is a lot of connections for The Crucible to the 21st century. In the 1690’s it was when the salem witch trials started up. They was blaming people for being witches and people would get hanged for it. Some even took advantage of it, they would lie if they didn 't get what they wanted from the person so they would say that person is switch and they would be hung. If someone wanted land and they couldn 't get it, they would say that they are a witch and the person would get hung. A lot of people died because of getting blamed on about being a witch. But in “The Crucible” the character Abigail would blame anyone that got in the way of her and John Proctor, she was obsessed with him. There is a lot of movies that can relate to the …show more content…

The more sarah goes out the more psycho Rebecca became, she starts killing people, and animals, she hurts one of sarah friends, she tries to kill her other friend. That 's when Sarah starts realizing how psycho Rebecca was. Rebecca wanted Sarah all to herself , whatever it took her to get Sarah to herself she did it. But Rebecca dies at the end cause Sarah kills her before she kills her. In the movie “When the Bough Breaks” Laura and John couldn’t have kids so they need surrogate. Laura got a called that they found one for her and the girl name is Anna , she became surrogate for them. Everything was okay at first but Anna starts to like John more but Anna was married and her and her husband planned to scam John and Laura for money. But Anna kills her husband because he threaten to tell John and Laura about what there plans was. And so as she staying with Laura and John in there guesthouse , Anna does things to get John attention. She sends videos to his job (that almost gets him fire), and then she dresses in his wife dress (Laura gets mad about it), then he finds out she isn’t who she says she is. So he doesn’t tell his wife but he gets his friend Roland to investigate Anna pass. Anna starts

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