Comparing The Devil And Daniel Webster

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Compare and Contrast In the stories “The Devil and Tom Walker” by Washington Irving and “The Devil and Daniel Webster” by Stephen Vincent Benét there are many similarities as well as differences. Both stories are centered around a devil, in both stories the main character sells his soul, both settings were in North East. Some differences that will be pointed out are the differences in the devil's appearance, the length of the deals, the families, and the outcome of the two stories. Tom Walker and Jabez Stone were two very completely different men with the same problem, and a completely different outcome. In “The Devil and Tom Walker” the devil was a tall, dark man, and was very scary. He also appeared out of nowhere. They called this devil, “Old. Scratch.” Tom Walker was a very selfish, self centered man, and in a horrible marriage. Tom Walker was in a very unhealthy marriage and did not love his wife at all. In fact, he was actually very grateful that his wife had died in the middle of the story. In “The Devil and Daniel Webster” the devil was described as a white man, with blinding white teeth that were pointed like a vampire, and was a lawyer. The devil also went by “Old Scratch” in this story too. Jabez Stone was more of a family man, loving,…show more content…
In “The Devil and Daniel Webster”, Jabez Stone and Daniel Webster defeat the devil. As a result, the devil became powerless and Daniel Webster kicked him out of the front door of Stone’s house with his box tightly under his arm. The significance to the box that Old Scratch put people who have sold their souls to him in it. When their time was up they become moth-like people when this is done. Unlike Tom Walker, Jabez Stone went through a trial. The jury members and judge were not normal either. They all came from hell and were traitors to America. It was a very biased trial, but with the help of Daniel Webster he won the trial and was rid of selling his
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