Comparing The Devil And Tom Walker

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Washington Irving, this author is famous for his great stories. Three of which are The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Rip Van Winkle, and lastly The Devil and Tom Walker. All three of these stories are very well written, given with very much detail. One of my favorites by him would be The Devil and Tom Walker. This story was about this man named Tom and he was going through what seemed to be a war, but then came across “the devil” who in which cursed Tom. He had to learn how to play the devil and become smarter than him. The devil took many things away from Tom, but he didn’t let that stop him. This story gave a great lesson, and really brings out the greatness in Irving’s writing. The way Irving writes really portrays the characters with much description really brings them to life. As in this story he really brought the idea of “the devil” to all eyes. He has a very impressive style of writing, that not most writers have. He likes to express the emotions of the story line through the characters and even the settings. He really makes it feel like you are right alongside these characters feeling everything they feel. In this story, I feel like the main emotion that stuck out to me was greediness, and selfishness. It really gives the idea that you can have so much in life, and maybe not even realize it. All of it can be taken from you though and you will then be left with nothing.…show more content…
One place I found in the story was, “He was not prone to let his wife into his confidence; but as this was an uneasy secret, he willingly shared it with her. All her avarice was awakened at the mention of hidden gold, and she urged her husband to comply with the black man 's terms, and secure what would make them wealthy for life.” This passage really sticks out to me because it is a very good interpretation of Tom’s wife being greedy. Even though they have all this stuff she just has to have this treasure so they can be
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