Comparing The Devil And Tom Walker, The Black Cat, And Prey

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Mr. Meow

Three stories that have very similar views and aspects is “The Devil and Tom Walker“ by Washington Irving, “The Black Cat “ by Edgar Allan Poe, and “Prey” by Richard Matheson. The reasoning these books are so alike it’s because they both follow the main themes which is being supernatural, and entrapment. The stories are different but yet so alike. The three authors for the fable want to convey a message and a lesson. In other words they wanted to spread the general message that could change someone's life just by reading and comprehending this fable.

In the short story “The Devil and Tom Walker” the supernatural side is the part when Tom starts negotiating / just talking with the devil; the devil is just throwing ideas in the air, but Tom does not accept anything yet; because he doesn’t want to be malice towards others. At the time Tom does not know to whom he is speaking to until: the devil tells Tom “I’m the great patron and prompter of slave dealers and the grandmaster of Salem witches” (Irving 325).
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The quote explains how Tom at first had a option to ignore what the devil was saying, but then greed took over his soul instead of love. The second-story pertaining to the “Black cat”; the way it displayed entrapment was the guilt that he had from murdering his cat. This quote demonstrates his own guilt “...I am also shame to own - -yes even in this felon cell...” (Poe 3) This dictates how his own guilt traps him and his own self not just physically, but mentally. The third story determines how her agog choice cost her, her own freedom when;“Amelia felt her stomach muscles drawing taunt” (Matheson 2). The reason why Amelia says this is because-what she has unleashed was, her own death though she is trapped to her own
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