Comparing The Donkey And The Republican Party

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There once was a donkey and an elephant that lived together in not-so-perfect harmony. Their relationship is like the cardinal directions – North and South; they are the complete opposite of each other. The donkey is more optimistic and truth-seeking while the elephant, on the other hand, is cynical and deceitful. “What is a great solution to help our country progress?” pondered the donkey.
“Well…I believe if all citizens of America would pay their taxes..uh.. we would be just fine.” The elephant sarcastically retorted.
“Are you sure about that? Some people aren’t able to pay their taxes, like the middle class and poor people. Maybe if the more wealthy individuals were taxed at a higher rate, our country could possibly be strong in its economy once again.” The donkey added thoughtfully.
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Every person in this country should be taxed the exact same, regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds.”
The donkey and elephant regularly disagreed on political topics and more than often budded heads; mainly because of their contrasting beliefs on government. The donkey represents the Democratic Party and the elephant represents the Republican Party. The Democratic takes an open-minded standpoint on important issues in America, and they believe the federal government should take a more active role in people’s lives, specifically those who are in need. Therefore, I believe the Democratic Party best represents my views on government because I agree with the party’s liberal views.
The Democratic Party is one of the contemporary political parties in the United States today, along with the Republican Party. It is the oldest political party dating back to 1792, when followers of Thomas Jefferson adopted the name Republican to emphasize their antimonarchical views. The major difference between democratic and republican lies within the views of both
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