Comparing The First Snowfall 'And The Chambered Nautilus'

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There are many tragic reasonings through nature, where it may sadden a person or make a person happy. In the poems “The First Snowfall,” “Thanatopsis,” and “The Chambered Nautilus,” the value of nature is said to be that death is not tragic. In “The First Snowfall,” there is a broad understanding that is given to listeners to analyze that humans cannot care for their loved on who have passed, nature will. In “Thanatopsis” nature has the abilities to make us feel better by lightening out dark thoughts of death allowing us to understand that death is upon all, as we are not alone. In “The Chambered Nautilus” it gives us an understanding that nature remains with us and it tells us to make ourselves better than who we really are. In the poems “The…show more content…
Bryant”s use of imagery can convey that human beings come and go, but nature is always there. In the poem,. The speaker describes the impression that they will share their grave with important people who have died in the past. Bryant declares, “Thou shalt lie down/ with patriarchs of the infant world- with kings,/ The powerful of the earth- the wise, the good,/ Fair forms, and hoary seers of ages past./ All in one mighty sepulcher” (Bryant 33-37). The speaker wants us to know that when we die, we all lie down together in one big grave. The imagery being used in the quote shows that there are important people who die, but we will all come together as one. It is clear that the speakers image of the “sepulcher” is a grave that signifies earth and the natural world. The image gives us an understanding that when the kings and wise mens die, we all are welcomed and have the importances of life as we share the grave. On the other hand, Bryant shows that death is not tragic because it allows us to have a happy mood and help us realize that nature is here for us no matter what. Bryant shows that death is not tragic, Holmes also supports the same idea in his literary
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