Comparing The Fisherman And The Jinnee

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Do you ever look at something that is old and think why is that still around? Just because something is really old or fairly old it still has purpose to our lives. The story the fisherman and the jinnee is a very old Arabian short story. The Fisherman and the jinnee is similar to a kid’s movie that i used to watch as a kid called Aladdin. They are very similar but very different. Disney did a gargantuan amount of research to make this movie. I recently read the jinnee and the fisherman and i never knew that one of my favorite children 's movies was so similar to a short story written hundreds of years ago. Aladdin is a Disney movie that is very popular. Characters of this movie are Aladdin, princess jasmine, the king, javar and a genie. Aladdin was a street rat that would steal food to eat until one day he ran into princess jasmine acting like a peasant. Javar is the king 's most trusted person and he had Aladdin imprisoned to go try and get a bottle in a very dangerous cave. Aladdin got the bottle and it contained a genie inside that would grant three wishes. There was rules to these wishes you cannot make someone fall in love…show more content…
The fisherman and the jinnee was a short story about a poor fisherman that threw his line out four times a day. The first four cast he threw out he caught a dead donkey, a vessel with mud, and bones. The fisherman was flabbergasted from his results, then on his last cast he caught a copper lamp. A jinnee sprung out of the lamp. The jinnee informed the fisherman that he had been trapped at the bottom of the sea for hundreds of years. This jinnee was angry and violent he told the fisherman that he was going to kill him but he would get to choose his death. The fisherman begged for his life praising Allah to spare him. the fisherman looked at the jinnee and asked how did you fit in the this little lamp but you are so huge i don 't believe it and the jinnee wanted to prove he wasn’t lying so he got back in the lamp to be thrown back into the

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