Comparing The Five Forms Of Government In Athens And Greece

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The city-states of Athens and Greece were ruled by a diverse range of governments. Under these were the monarchy, the aristocracy, the tyranny, the oligarchy and the democracy. In this paper we will compare and contrast these 5 forms of governments in ancient Greek city-states.

The Monarchy
A monarchy is a type of government most recognizable by the fact that power rests in the hands of one person. Usually in the past, monarchies have been ruled by kings, together with his advisors.
The word monarchy is derived from the Greek terms monos (meaning single or alone) and arkhein (meaning to rule). Former kingdoms that operated under a monarchy were the Mycenaeans. They ruled Greece from 2000 to 1100 B.C.E.
Under a monarchy, a king lived in a palace in the capital city. Outside the capital city would be little villages whose people paid taxes to the king for protection. They would also have to obey his laws. Kings usually retained their political power for life.
After his death he would be succeeded by his eldest son, the prince. If there was no successor, his military advisors would usually battle amongst each other to ascend the throne.
Monarchies eventually disappeared from Greek rule, and was replaced by a different system where a small group of people shared power and ruled as a group.

The Aristocracy
Aristocracy comes from the Greek words aristos (meaning excellent) and kratos (meaning power).
Aristocracy is the type of government which put power in the
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