Comparing The Foolious Men Of Agra And The Cranes

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The Foolish Men of Agra and Arap Sang and the Cranes are similar and different in countless ways. Both characters in the stories were being foolish. In the first text, the leader asked a wise man to find six foolish men. When he brought back four, he said, “the other two men are you and me.” In the second text, the chief gave cranes a glorious crown to the cranes for helping him. But, roughly all of the cranes died due to of the shining crown. In The Foolish Men of Agra, Akbar was trying to outsmart Birbal, who is very wise. He tells Birbal to find six of the utmost foolish men. Birbal find one, who fell into a puddle when he was getting fabric for his wife. He was trying to get up without using his hands, for fear that he would lose to measurement of the fabric. Second, Birbal found a man who was riding a horse with straw on his head. When he asked the man why it was one his head and not on the saddle, the man said, “I cannot do that huzar. My horse is so old and weak it might die from the extra burden. My own weight is enough for the poor creature.” The third man that he found was when the man was running and collided into him. When Birbal asked why he was running, the man said that he was trying to catch the sound of his own voice. At night, Birbal found the fourth man. The man had lost his golden ring in the darkness and he was looking for it in the light. When Birbal asked the man why not look for in in the darkness, he said, “How do you expect me to find it in the

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