Comparing The Genesis Flood And The Gilgamesh Flood

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The Genesis Flood and the Gilgamesh Flood
The Christians have been studying Gilgamesh and looking at the Flood ever since they discovered it in the mid-nineteenth century. The rest of the story the Christians really disregard because they only tear apart its version of the Flood. It is very interesting to compare and contrast the two since I am from the Christian faith. If you look at the reasons the flood occurred in the Christian faith and in Gilgamesh, you will find things significantly similar and things different.
The names of the leaders during the floods had no significance behind them. Noah which means rest, and Utnapishtim which means finder of life. The effect the flood had on all the people was world wide. During Noah's time, it took out everyone in the world except for Noah and
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Neither one of them didn't want to do the task but in the end, they realized if they didn't there would be consequence and so they did. When the flood was sent it was sent in different ways. In Gilgamesh, the gods started to cry and that is what started the flood that destroyed everyone. The flood lasted for 6 days and six total nights. When the flood finally had ended the boat had landed on Nisir. Nisir is a mountain that is near what we know today as the land of Iraq. Once it had landed it was them on the mountain for another seven total days. Seven is a very significant number in the bible as well. Now in Genesis god sends the flood with a lot of force and power. The rain lasts a lot longer in this story then it did in the Gilgamesh story. In the bible, it says that the rain lasted for forty days and forty nights. After this was all said and done it came upon a mountain known as Mt. Ararat. Once the boat arrived on the mountain it stayed there for another two and a half months. Both these parts of the stories are very similar its just one lasted a lot longer than the other

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