Comparing The Glass Castle And The Rite Of Passage

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The Glass Castle and the Rite of Passage both view children like adults. In the Glass Castle both jeannette’s mom and dad trust her more than they should. Some examples are, “I cooked myself some hot dogs. I was hungry, and mom was at work on painting and no one else was around” (Walls pg 15 line 1-3). Jeannette’s mom and dad are trusting a three year old to cook hot dogs by herself. “Lori, Brian, and I could pretty much go anywhere we wanted and do pretty much anything we wanted to do” (Walls pg 59 line 9-10). Jeannette’s mom really trusts Jeannette and her brothers and sisters because she lets them run around everywhere. Both of these examples show how Jeannette’s parents look at her and view her as an adult. In the Rite of Passage the mom
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