Comparing The Great Gatsby And The Women's Suffrage Movement

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During the time after the Great War around 1915 to 1935, there was a booming economy in America as it slowly started to become a great world power. The Harlem Renaissance which was an African American cultural movement that resulted in an artistic explosion in music and poetry as well as art and politics. What helped shape this time were the various playwrights and poets that were introduced like F. Scott Fitzgerald and William Faulkner but also some revolutionary female authors like Willa Cather. The Women’s Suffrage Movement was a time when women began to break away from elected roles in society. F. Scott Fitzgerald was a well known male realist writer, who wrote of harsh realities. His most famous work was a novel called “The Great Gatsby”…show more content…
Faulkner wrote many novels that reflected the themes of social issues during the Great Depression. These novels would later become part of “Novels, 1930-1935” which includes Faulkner's complete works. Willa Cather was an author of the realist movement and she became known for her depictions of the American frontier which included the ideas of that time period. Since she was a female author in that time, the fact that she even wrote stories being a female herself was huge. This is because the 19th amendment was made and allowed women to vote so anything that women could do was adding fuel to ditching the female roles in society. Overall the main events of the 1920s included America’s economic prosperity following World War I which became a period of artistic experimentation, the Harlem Renaissance and the 19th amendment allowing women to vote. A great example of this was Susan B. Anthony who wrote and gave 75-100 speeches in a year and would continue to do so for 45 years. Famous modernist writers at the time were all able to reflect the ideas, values and themes of the period between 1915 and 1935, allowing the public to read texts about social issues of the
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