Comparing The Holocaust And The Trail Of Tears

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Could you imagine the government coming to your family 's property you have had for years and taking it and making everyone walk a 1000 miles? Well thats is what happened to the Native Americans. They were drove from there property beaten and killed. Then made them walk over a 1000 miles to their new place that was awful. There was no food or water or anything while the government took there land and made fun of them. The government people also raped thousands of the Cherokee women. And also killed many of them as well. Now the Holocaust on the other hand had a tremendous drop in population as well. Accept it was towards a different race. It was led by a man name Hitler and he hated the jewish society. So he developed his own clan. They had one mission and it was to destroy all Jews that they possibly could. There were between five and six million Jews killed during the Holocaust. So they did succeed in there one mission they had. So in both the Holocaust and the Trail of Tears there were well over a million people killed in both of these disasters. …show more content…

In 1838 and 1839, as part of Andrew Jackson 's Indian removal policy the Cherokee nation was forced to give up its lands east of the Mississippi and to move to an area in Oklahoma. The Cherokee called this journey the Trail of Tears because of its devastating effects. Cherokee lands were held hostage by the states and the federal government and Cherokees had to agree to move to preserve their name as tribes. So the government took there land and made them travel a 1000 miles just to keep there name. The Holocaust on the

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