Comparing The Holocaust And World War II

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The Holocaust and World War II changed the way we should look at people with different religions, because what happened to the Jews shouldn 't happen to anybody on the earth.

Back in January 1933 Adolf Hitler persuaded that he could change the everything, so the people of Germany united an army which is called the Nazi. When Hitler made the Nazi army it was double the size of the army, before Hitler was in control of the army. Then the army started to take valuable, and privileges from the jews. Soon after the army started to capture the innocent jews.

The Holocaust is unexplainable to some degree. The Nazi army, and Adolf Hitler has a very twisted mind to do what they did to the Jews. The Nazi sent the jews to concentration camp like Auschwitz. The sign at Auschwitz said “ARBEIT MACHT FREI,” and the Jews thought that if they work they might not die at Auschwitz. …show more content…

She almost made it in the annex, and she got on the last train to the camp. She died at 15, and her sister Margot 18 when she died. Anne is known for her diary.
The Holocaust and World War II is just unexplainable in a horrifying way, but it is very important to world history, and kids in junior high school should learn about Anne

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