Comparing The Knights And The Code Of Chivalry

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Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone has those days that makes him wonder if he is living the best way. For me, this is a daily battle. Have I done the right thing? Have I been fair ? Have I been kind ? Some days, it is a struggle. My struggle is no different from any other person’s . It is also, no different from the struggles that the knight had during time if chivalry. The rules I live my life by are very similar to those found in the Code of Chivalry. One way the knights and I are similar is that God should be trusted and feared.The knight feared God and obeyed by God’s rules. I think that God should be respected and not feared because he shouldn 't be feared he should be trusted. The knight did everything by god rules. I think that you should go to church and read the Bible and also living by Gods rules . Also the knights feared God. God should be loved and not feared.…show more content…
The knights do everything right and they follow the rules. I think that you should believe in yourself and don 't care what nobody else thinks. The knight go by Gods rules and they follow them strictly and do everything Gods says I think that you are living by honor when you follow Gods rules strictly . I think that you are living by glory when you do your own thing and you don 't let nobody tell you that you cannot do something because anything is possible .The knights believe in there selfs.. Live by your honor and glory do what you think makes you different you should not want to be the same as everyone
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