Comparing The Most Dangerous Game 'And Sound Of Thunder'

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Have you ever wondered how a tiny accident that seems absolutely unimportant can completely change your life ? Rainsford in Richard Connell's "The Most Dangerous Game" and Eckels in Ray Bradbury's " Sound of Thunder" both made tiny mistakes which then completely cange their lives.(thesis) Main characters of two stories are : famous writer and hunter - Rainsford, and rich experimenter - Eckels, and they are both in constant search of new adventures and experiences, in this searches of unforgettable feelings and unusual hunting they forget about danger and caution.(sentence ?) Because of their overconfidence and thirst for something new , little unremarkable thing that happens to both of them, that results to huge changes. Both Rainsford and Eckels have something common, they are both trophy hunters and adventure seekers, they have both looked Death in the eye, but they are absolutely different. The way they act in urgent situation, proves that they have different personalities and points of view. Rainsford gets on the island, escaping from the danger - swimming for his life, and when he gets there he is forced to hunt. He knows that either he will die or either his victim, there is no other choice, but he keeps his emotions and fears under control, "his face was set, and he forced the machinery of his mind to function". Conversely, Rainsford…show more content…
Why does all of this happens to them ? Rainsford is an inveterate smoker. What accident changes his life ? A smoking pipe. He smokes a pipe and when he hears shots, he drops his pipe, but instead of letting it fall into the sea he tries to catch it and loses his balance. One second, and he is in the water - now swimming for his life. What about Eckels ? Eckels just does not follow instructions. All he has to do is return to the time machine and don't go off the path, what could be easier? Just follow directions -(dash) go straight. But he loses control of himself and leaves the
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