Comparing The Movie 'Click And The Movie Schindler's List'

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The movie Click and the movie Schindler’s list are both movies that touch on the subject of regret. Both main characters in the films have done something that troubles their conscience and makes them feel deep regret. Michael Newman in the movie Click experience regret after loosing his family from selfishness and Oskar Schindler from Schindler’s List learns what his own men does to the Jews and is crippled with regret. Although both movies contains characters who face regret, they way they handle this regret differs slightly.

In the movie Click, the main character feels regret after messing with time that leads to him loosing his family. Michael Newman is an overworked architect who often fails to remember to pay attention to his family. Through a mysterious retail worker he acquires a “universal” remote control. Eventually Michael discovers that this remote control can actually control time. At first he starts using it as harmless fun, but it soon escalates to the point were he uses it to his benefit. He finds himself skipping arguments with his wife, skipping diseases and even skipping family dinners so he can work on projects. As a result of this time skipping, Michael misses major events in his family’s life. Suddenly the remote control starts having a life of its own and fast-forwards at random times. One day the remote control fast forwards ten years. Michael is severely overweight, divorced from his wife and hated by his entire family. However, Michael does

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