Comparing The Odyssey And The Cruelest Journey

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Kira Salak once said “ If a journey doesn't have something to teach you about yourself then what kind of journey is that.” Expeditions place one in very uncanny situations to test their capabilities. While being put through their ordeals they improve their competence in the areas of that require refinement. These changes help them with their ability to accomplish their initial goal that caused them to expedite and give a deeper insight into themselves. A journey has many reasons to take place but the longing for home and the conquest for the truth about oneself spearhead such expeditions,often improving the rational, physical and metaphysical makeup of a person to be more synchronized and poised, as seen in Kira Salak the author and protagonist in the “The Cruelest Journey” and in the epic poem The Odyssey by Homer.

Odysseus was one to be driven purely by his urge to return home through his long voyage where his rational and physical abilities were sharpened. For example, when Odysseus was at Kalypso’s island he had everything
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Odysseus had every luxury ever needed by man in Kalypsos’ Island, but he refused to stay there showing his dedication to return to his homeland. The action of him giving up the offer of living a perfect life illustrates the power of his motives to go back home. Furthermore, as he sails back home after a 10 year war at Troy, his mental and physical abilities were “questioned” when the giant Polyphemus asked “Odysseus’ honorable name…[he craftily replied] My name is Nohbody” to ensure that when “ he ran a pike in his crater like eye… rammed it… lean[ing] on it as a

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