The Far Side Analysis

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In the stories The Pearl by John Steinbeck and The Far Side by Gary Larson they are both very similar. I will be comparing how both of these stories are similar in the following paragraphs. Both stories are about how you see something as beautiful in the beginning and then afterall it is not as beautiful as you once thought it was. In The Far Side cartoon it hows a picture of a cocoon on a tree, and across from the cocoon is a butterfly, but the butterfly is stuck in a spiders web. This single pictures tells a story in a couple of ways. The first way is that when the butterfly was in a cocoon it was safe, but as it gets older the more dangerous it has to face. But in the cartoon it shows the butterfly stuck in the spider 's web, but it doesn’t…show more content…
They are similar because Kino and Juana were stuck in a situation just like the butterfly was. Kino and Juana were stuck with so many decisions to make but then they realized that this pearl was not worth the trouble that it was bringing to them. The butterfly was stuck because he was in a spiders web but he did not know when the spider would come back to his web to eat him and there was nothing that the butterfly could even do about it. Another way that The Pearl and The Far Side are similar are because in the beginning Kino finds the pearl and in the other story the butterfly gets out of its cocoon. Lastly, both the stories end in a bad way. In The Pearl they decide to put the pearl back where they found it because they did not think that having the pearl was worth as much trouble as it had caused them throughout the story. In The Far Side the butterfly ends up getting stuck in a spiders web, and by using personal reference we can inform that the spider will come back to its web and eventually end up eating the butterfly, it was only a matter of time. In The Pearl they thought that the pearl would bring them happiness but it actually only brought them more trouble. In The Far Side the butterfly thought that it would be free once it got out of the cocoon, but what really ended up happening is that the butterfly would eventually get eaten by the spider. In The Pearl and The Far Side, the connection between them is that both stories they expected so much out of something, and in the end it ended up making it harder on them instead of easier. Kino and Juana realized that the pearl was not as perfect as they anticipated it to be. In The Far Side the butterfly realized that having his/her freedom was not as easy as the butterfly thought it would be. Those are the main reasons why the books The Pearl and The Far Side are very similar to each
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