Comparing The Pet In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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"Some pets come into our lives, leave pawprints on our hearts,
And we are never the same." Have you ever felt this way? This means no
Matter what your pet will always have an impact in your live
Good or bad. I agree with this quote because every pet has
Impacts in people's lives. The impact could be good or bad but
Either way they will have an impact in someone's life. It is good to have
A pet that impacts your life, it shows what they think of you.

John Steinbeck changed by traveling with charley. One of the first evidence
Is, on chunk 4 it says " He leaped all over me, he cursed and growled,snarled and screamed. I didn't know he had the ability to snarl." (Steinbeck, chunk 4).
This means he didn't know his dog could do this, but his dog did it for him, and now he knows his dog will stand up for him. Another evidence is " Less than a mile from the entrance I saw a bear beside the road, and it ambled out as though to flag me down. Instantly a change came over Charley." (Steinbeck Chunk 3). This means that this isn't the Charley that John knows. Finally, he said "Where did he learn it?". This means that John doesn't know that Charley could do this. These are all the evidence and the reasons behind John Steinbeck has changed because he now knows that his dog
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When she wakes up to go to school, she feeds and gives her puppy water every day. I think that what she is doing is making the puppy love her even more because of all the love that she gives him. Also, when she goes to her sisters’ games she always brings the puppy and walks him and plays with him. This is good because she is always spending time with her puppy and gives the dog and her exercise. The cool thing about it is that she is the one that saved up to buy the puppy. All of these things made her responsible before she used to just sit on the couch, but now she is up and moving with her puppy. And it's nice to see her
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