Comparing The Pioneer Women And Grandma's Apron

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As time presses on we can always look back at poetry to truly understand the emotions that were evoked at the time. In "The Pioneer Women" and "Grandma's Apron." we are faced with similar although not exactly identical themes and imagery that conduct elements of interest in reference to daily life and objects that hide the truth of what we know.

In “The Pioneer Women” we are shipped back to the west and the start of America; more specifically in the work of women. The theme is serene accomplishment; in today’s society you can’t relax and feel fulfilled until you're successful and have in a sense ‘made it big’. But the possibility of being fine with having done so much for your family, knowing you'll do it again tomorrow and still allowing yourself to fully take it an example self love and appreciation than most of us give ourselves on a daily bases. A common phrase in modern society is “A
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We often disregard the people in our life without truly loving and understanding the complexity of the relation they have with the world. In this poem we see the true and upstanding continuity of our brains and how we do things daily. The true spark of this poem is in it’s imagery where, in its framing, relations come to play. “by her all-purpose apron, and the power it possessed.”, we associate power with supernatural abilities and so to say that a person can, by use, give something abilities creates distinguishable visual effects. For instance, when you read, “She used it for a basket, when she gathered up the eggs,and flapped it as a weapon, when hens pecked her feet and legs” the first thing that may of come to mind is the Tardis from “Doctor Who” and how outwardly small it is compared to it’s vast inner room, and that perhaps Grandma’s apron resembles that timey-wimey stuff. But you very assuredly saw it as something more that a bag, a rag, and hot
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