Comparing The Theme Of Death In Leslie Marmon Silko's Lullaby

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Two Different Roads Was there ever a time when it was difficult to accept death? Some may not have this experience but Ayah and Henry have and they deal with death in two completely different ways. In these two stories, the protagonists contrast in the ways to accept death. In order to show this theme, the authors used literary devices, such as imagery and flashback, to convey this in the short story. The short story “Lullaby”, by Leslie Marmon Silko, can be contrasted from “The Californian’s Tale”, by Mark Twain, when looking at the stories’ theme, people have different ways when dealing with death. In the short story, “Lullaby”, by Leslie Marmon Silko, the protagonist Ayah is remembering past experiences about her husband, Chato, in order to help herself accept her husband's death. When she is going down memory lane, she remembers…show more content…
Also, she remember all the nights when Chato would be drunk on the step of the bar with no wine or money left.
In, “Lullaby”, Silko uses imagery in the story in order to portray these scenes and in order to enhance her story. When Chato is dying, Ayah comforts him so he can go in peace. Silko states, “He was lying on his side with his knees pulled up near his belly for warmth. His eyes were closed now and in the light from the stars and the moon…”(Silko 287). Due to the imagery, the readers may picture an ill man lying on his side, curled in a ball, closing his eyes, preparing to die. In this scene, Ayah is there for his comfort so he can pass calmly. This quote relates to the theme because Ayah is thinking of all the past
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