Comparing The Thing In The Forest And Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

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Facing A Father 's Death What if someone told you that your father was dead, but on Sundays you can visit him at Walmarts? Would you go? Though the majority of the people would think this is a crazy question, others would go in hopes of seeing their loved ones again. The death of a parent can be devastating, especially when that parent is a father. The literary works of both A.S. Byatt 's "The Thing in the Forest and Dylan Thomas 's "Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night,” gives us a glimpse of what it feels like to lose a father. In Byatt 's story, the thing in the forest symbolizes the death of both Penny and Primrose 's fathers, characters within the story whose fathers died during the war. Thomas, who wrote an emotional poem about his dying father, illustrates the heaviness on one 's heart that a person has to endure when faced with the death of a parent. Even though mothers are important, a father 's death can leave a person feeling devasted. The death of a father can cause a traumatic effect on a person. For me, the pain of losing my father was extremely hard. At the age of fifteen, I lost my father to cancer. I began to isolate myself from the rest of the world. The thought of not seeing…show more content…
So it is clear that although a father 's death can be just as devastating as a mother 's death, the results can damage a person forever. As explained earlier, when a father dies the grief can sometimes be unbearable to handle. Yes, the death of a parent can be so painful in many ways, that it leaves a person feeling isolated and confused. But most importantly, no matter what age a father may be, whether young or old, losing a father to death is an unexpected thing that no one wants to face. In conclusion, the fact that the characters Penny and Primrose, and Thomas himself took the time to reflect on the memories of their fathers shows the abundance of love these three felt, and how much they grieved for their fathers. So how would you feel if you lost

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