Comparing The Utopia Pleasantville And The Dystopia F451

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Have you ever wondered if your perspective was your own or if it was society 's that shaped you into it? Well in the utopia Pleasantville and the dystopia F451 their perspective was impacted by society, they both live in a world of arrogance and control so when it comes to uniqueness it is very rare. Both Plantsville and F451 shows us that your perspective is being impacted by society however pleasant Ville also emphasizes on the search for self-identity while F451 focuses more on the need for destruction Both F451 and Plantsville shows us that your perspective is something that is constantly changing and being impacted by society. For example, In F451 montages ' perspective was changed when he took home the books to read. Montage the curious newly opened minded man he is, found the one person who could help, Faber, the old English professor. montage asked the old man, "I want you to teach me to understand what I read."(Bradbury 78). Perspective can be shielded by society so when montage saw past his societies perspective and made his own he became a new person a different person someone who understands right and wrong. In Pleasantville, the perspective of the town was changed when the kids sounded bud as he talked about Hackle berry Finn while words appeared on the blank pages the kids amassed for never experiencing real books kept handing bud books to explain so words will appear. You can 't judge something before you try it, like reading, the society Pleasantville saw
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