Comparing Things Fall Apart And Things Fall Apart By Albert Camus

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The books Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe and The Stranger by Albert Camus both have differences and things in common. The book Things Fall Apart is about a wealthy man named okonkwo who is determined to reach the highest rake because he wants to be nothing like his dad. Okonkwo became very successful with a family and over that time he runs into many problems from war, punishments, missionaries, and even being kicked out of his clan for 7 years. In the end Okonkwo was driven to killing himself losing all the things he worked so hard for. In the book The Stranger Meursault’s mother just died at for some odd reason he didn’t cry or feel sad at the funeral. Then he starts talking to his neighbor, Raymond, and he is a bit of trouble. He would beat up his girlfriend and the cops would go to his house a lot. Raymond invites Meursault and Meursault’s girlfriend to a beach house his friend, Masson owns, when he see the brothers of the girlfriend raymond would beat up, they got into a fight. Then after Meursault took a walk and saw the guy they just fought they kept staring at each other when the arab pulls a knife on him and Meursault had raymond 's gun in his pocket. Then he kills the man. Then it shows the tuff process of court and being in jail for years. These books both have similarities and differences like convictions, time periods, and cultural traditions. First, both books have convictions in them for crimes the characters have committed. In Things Fall Apart Okonkwo

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