Comparing Thomas Edison And Nikola Tesla's Inventions

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While Thomas Edison is more well known than Nikola Tesla, they both made inventions that changed the world. Not only were they both inventors, but they also were from the same time period and Edison even hired Tesla to work as an inventor for his company. Although they worked together they were very different people. Edison was born in Milan, Ohio. He was the youngest of seven children. When he was young he got sick and couldn’t start school until he was eight. When he did start school, the schoolmaster thought he wasn 't smart enough so his mom took him out of school and taught him herself. When he was eleven he made his own laboratory in his basement and learned a lot from that too. Before he became an inventor, he worked for The Associated Press in Kentucky. Then he moved to NYC and started inventing. Edison wasn’t very sociable. He was introverted and serious and had a few close friends. He was known to be insensitive and stubborn though and was determined to get what he wanted from people.…show more content…
It was called the Universal Stock Printer. The Gold and Stock Telegraph Company paid him 40,000 dollars to have the rights to it. Later on he made a laboratory and a place to manufacture his inventions. He employed people to invent for him. He made more money, his business grew and he became very wealthy. Most people think Edison invented light bulbs. He actually got the patent from Henry Woodward and Matthew Evans, however their lightbulb didn’t work very well and Edison improved it and sold it. Most of what Edison is credited for inventing was actually invented by his employees. Edison was motivated by money and was more of a business man than a

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