Comparing Truth In Oedipus And Minority Report

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“Sometimes in order to see the light you have to risk the dark” (Spielberg). Do the characters in both Oedipus and Minority Report need to risk the dark in order to see the light or truth in their situations? Does closing one’s eyes or even losing one’s sight foster or prevent the sight of truth? Both redemption and an understanding of one’s self presence occur as viable outcomes for the main characters in Oedipus and Minority Report after blindness. In order to witness the truth, one must change facets of the way in which one sees, or must change one’s perspective on an existing vision of what is true entirely. Oedipus and John Anderton, as the main characters in Oedipus and Minority Report, both face changes to their sight and ultimately…show more content…
Sometimes, changing one’s perspective erases the limits of the truth one sees. Judging reality based upon one’s immediate view or line of sight proves to be erroneous. For example, when Oedipus seeks the truth and begins to discover that his family situation is more complicated than he realized, Jocasta advises Oedipus to stop his pursuit of the truth. Despite Jocasta’s warning, Oedipus insists on proceeding in his pursuit, remaining blind to Jocasta’s wishes. “Forget it all? I can’t stop now, Not with all my birth clues in my hands” (Sophocles 59). Because Oedipus refuses to alter his perspective to see Jocasta’s point of view, he is blind to her whole message in this instance. Similarly, in Minority Report, John Anderton’s destiny is to kill a man named Leo Crow. Anderton does not know why he is going to kill this man because he has no idea who Leo Crow is. At the time of John’s predicted murder, John goes to Crow’s room and finds pictures of Sean, John’s dead son, lying on Crow’s bed. Now because Agatha, a precog, is with John at this time, she informs John that he has a choice and does not need to kill this man. However, John has been wondering for years the truth of what has happened to his son. So, when Agatha instructs John not to stay, John ignores her dissuasion, and eventually, ends up killing Crow. In this instance, John had a…show more content…
A lack of physical sight can allow for more perception in other areas. More specifically one’s awareness of surrounding reality leading to a greater knowledge of the truth. Losing Oedipus’ sight proves to be a point in which he is able to analyze his thoughts more deeply than ever before. After he blinds himself, he begins to realize that he his the brother of his children. Additionally, he finally sees their perspective and thinks about their future. “He cannot see you now but still can weep and ponder on those bitter days to come which cruel consort with the world will prove” (Sophocles 78). Oedipus worries that his girls will never find a husband because of the misfortune of the family and because Oedipus holds power in society his news will be publicized to all. This is the first time the reader witnesses Oedipus thinking deeply about others lives. Because Oedipus losing his sight, he is finally able to see other’s perspectives. In Minority Report, loss of sight enables Anderton a moment of reflection, which improves his sight in a number of ways. When Anderton undergoes an eye swap operation, he temporarily loses his sight. During the period in which Anderton’s sight is blocked by a bandage from the surgery, he reflects on the last moment he had with Sean, at the pool, right before he went missing. In Anderton’s reflection he realizes that he will not stop thinking about his son and that it is important to

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