Comparing Two Characters In Kate Chopin's The Storm

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“The Storm” In the short story “The Storm” (Chopin, 335) by Kate Chopin, presents a literal occurrence of the storm. It is this storm that keeps Calixta’s husband, Bobinot and his four year old son Bibi from returning home from the store. At home, Calixta was prompted by the stir of storm to gather Bobinot laundry outside. Alcee was also looking to shelter from the storm. The storm causes a quick sequence of events in the story. The two characters were forced together and got the opportunity to rekindle their intimate affair where they left it even, though they were married and had children. The storm reflects strong feelings between the two characters as they are alone and making love. It also portrays the despair and frustration in their marriages where boredom, dissatisfaction and desire all explode with the violence of a destructive storm. The two characters Calixta and Clarisse differs in terms of fidelity, selfishness and hardworking. The narrative took place at the time when the storm approached and characters felt uneasy (335). The two characters in the story, Calixta and Clarissa portray differences in terms of fidelity.…show more content…
Calixta betrayed her husband by cheating outside of her marriage. Clarisse was honest and devoted to her husband. She did not ever cheat on her husband. Her selfishness can be seen when she satisfied her lust desires and forgot about her husband. She did not also care much about Bobinot. Clarisse was not selfish. She sacrifices to leave her husband and visited her friends in Biloxi. Calixta was a hardworking woman. She spends most of her time at home doing all chores as housewife (338). Clarisse, on the other hand is never showed when working. She liked to be away liberated from working to her husband. Calixta and Clarisse were different in terms of fidelity selfishness, and

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