Comparing Two Creation Myths

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The two stories Sun, Life, Wind, and Death and Old Man the Creator has many similarities and differences. Like they are both creation myths the differences are Sun, Life, Wind, and Death starts in the ocean Old Man the Creator is at the Earth.
The creation myth of the Marshall Islands titled Sun, Life, Wind, and Death is about how the Marshalls were created. It started as an empty sea but, then God Lowa came made four men Sun, Life, Wind, and Death. When they meet God Lowa decided to create another man to place the islands in order. Then God Lowa sent down two more men and they were tasked to tattoo all the creatures in the world. All the animals and humans had to go the Island of Ai-Ling-Lap-Lap. There was one case where a canoe full of animals and humans heading to Ai-Ling-Lap-Lap capsized on the island reef all the animals had to swim to the island but, rat was a bad swimmer and was struggling to swim to the island so octopus came out from the ocean and helped rat. When rat jumped off octopus he told octopus he pooped on his head! Octopus was so mad of this even today he still hates rat but, rat got the worst tattoo because of this. When humans die they need to be buried near the lagoon. Later they rise up and try to go to the island
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In this creation story Old Man walks around the earth and creates things. Eventually he gets tired and rests. The place he rested has a mark of him even now. Then he got up and started walking again he tripped and in that place he made mountains. Eventually, Old Man made humans out of clay models he made a women and a child. Then Old Man said if this piece of buffalo floats people will die but, only for four days and will live again if it sinks then there will be an end to people’s lives. It floated but the women bent down and picked up a stone and said if it floats we live forever but, if it sinks we will die. It sank so the Old Man said there will be an end for
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