Comparing Unilever And CSR

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Compare two multinational companies and assess which is more environmentally responsible Many multinational companies actively conduct their corporate social responsibilities regardless of losing profits at present. They are encouraged to fulfill their duties with regard to environmental protection and social concerns in their business operations. Unilever and Canon are both pioneers in their different business fields. The former is a diversified company selling foods and everyday household care products and 13 brands of which have sales of over 1 billion euros per year, with 169,000 people serving it (Unilever, 2017). The latter is an electrical device firm whose main products are electric appliances and imaging equipment such as cameras, sensors and GPS receivers; its common stock has reached 174,762 million yen by December 31 2016 (Canon, 2016). Both of them have a famous reputation in caring about the environment and have many similar approaches to protect it. This essay will compare and assess Unilever and Canon with three criteria in relation to CSR. Firstly, both companies have made significant efforts to reduce the carbon dioxide. Unilever tries its best to lessen the emission according to its supply chain. For instance, Unilever is the pioneer in buying palm oil all from recyclable sources. Otherwise, it will create 20 percent of greenhouse gasses worldwide (Manwani, 2014). There are many new technologies used by Unilever such as ‘Cool Blending’ technologies

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