Comparing Victor And The Monster In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley there are many similar characteristics between Victor Frankenstein and the monster that he creates. Victor and his creation both let their emotions get in the way of their actions, act revengeful, are isolated from society, and are very intelligent. From the beginning, the lives of Victor and the monster are very similar. They both grow up without a strong role model figure, and are forced to quickly grow up. Since they both grew up in similar settings, they react similarly to different situations. Throughout the novel Victor and the Monster come across many relatable situations that they are forced to overcome. Victor Frankenstein had a very happy childhood, and he describes his parents as being “possessed by the very creature of kindness and indulgence”. Although Victor had a very happy childhood, these characteristics do not seem like the foundation of good moral character. Similarly Victor’s monster was not raised with the foundation of a good moral character. When the monster was first created he possessed more strength than he knew what to do with. Without any guidance the monster was abandoned by Victor Frankenstein and forced to learn everything on his own. The monster was released into the world without any knowledge of morals, independence, solving problems, tolerance, or even communication. These are all essential skills that every child learns while growing up in. The monster did not have a childhood, but his development was similar to that of Victor’s childhood. Both Victor and the monster developed …show more content…

Victor and the Creature are both social outcasts. Since Victor is so intelligent and interested in science he often does not relate to other people and he does not have many friends. Since the monster cannot be around people without scaring them to death he tends to also act as an outcast around

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