Comparing Views On Technology And Langdon Winner's Ideas

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E. Technology; Opening the Door to Millions of Possibilities In America, the endless innovation of both new and old technologies have driven the nation for centuries. How one views technology differs for many reasons. Lynn White articulates that the extent of a technology strongly depends on both society and the imaginations of its leaders. However, Langdon Winner sees technology as something that by the time people start to question it, it is already far too late. Once society has already integrated it into its culture, the question becomes: did that technology end up harming us, or was its purpose and implementation beneficial? Both men’s points are valid. Still, the two men’s viewpoints do not contrast each other as both men take radically…show more content…
Whites idea that the endorsement of technology is defined by society accepting it, and leaders progressing it forward can be clearly seen with the American railroad system. “More than any other mode of transportation, the railroad epitomized American Technological and commercial development” (Hindle, Lubar 125). Railroads provided a cheap mode of transporting goods, interconnecting cultures by building railroad tracks between the eastern and western coasts of the American mainland. This innovation also helped our economy prosper in numerous ways, providing millions of jobs for Americans and blooming industries. Winners view can also be deemed as correct, being that some technology is implemented into society without considering the future effects. This can be seen in America’s production and usage of the nuclear weapon. Although President Truman wanted to put an end to the Second World War, the everlasting effects that were seen after the bombs in Japan were dropped were harsh. Thomas Hughes once said “technology was capable of creating not only a new life supporting world, but also a deadly environment” clearly accentuates Winners view. Technology is constantly evolving; and its view on how it impacts the culture of American people is defined by societies

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