Comparing Why We Run 'And' What Could Be Better Than A Touchdown

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I believe that mental strength is just as important, if not more, than physical strength when it comes to athletics. If your mental behavior is not up to date, but your physical strength is, you will most likely still not be able to complete the specific task because you are not mentally ready. I have thought about this a little bit, but after reading “What Could Be Better Than a Touchdown?” and “Why We Run” it has made me think deeper into this subject. I honestly think, that if you are not mentally ready for something, then you will not be able to achieve that goal. Your body and your mind, both have to be prepared to achieve your goals. When completing a task you have to know it in your mind before you have the ability to actually carry …show more content…

In “Why We Run” the author expresses that there is “nothing quite so savage, and so wild” as running. I think the author is trying to tell me that running makes him feel free. The author describes, “I get choked up when I see a kid, or anyone else, fighting hopeless odds- someone who goes out there to run the lonely roads with a dream in the heart, a gleam in the eye, and a goal in mind.” This author is indicating that he knows the only way people will be able to reach their goal is if they train hard and never take their eyes off the goal they are determined to reach. He is also indicating that it makes him feel proud when he sees someone chase their dreams. The author expressed that he “could not take another step,” although he was still thinking about future dreams that by accomplishing this one would lead to more. The author was persistent he knew that if he could not reach a specific goal it couldn’t lead to future goals. The author says, “Movement is life”. I think he put this in here to show us that we must move to live, not only think. Do not assume now that you don’t have to be physically ready at all to play a sport, or complete a task; you do, you have to be both mentally and physically ready to succeed in what you are

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