Comparing Wife Of Bath And Pardoner's Corrupt Desires

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The third comparison if how both travellers have corrupt desires. The Pardoner wants money and uses his profession as a pardoner to rob people of their money; in relation to how the Wife of Bath uses her sexual abilities to trick men and bribe them to give her things and do whatever she says.[TS3-Comparison]. The Wife of Bath talks about virginity and chastity and how it is a great perfection, like Christ, but she explains that she is not this type and will use her abilities in marriage in her favor. [CE5]. “But Christ, the fountain of perfection, did not instruct every person to go sell all that he had and give to the poor, and in such a fashion follow him and his footsteps. “He spoke this to those people who wished to be perfect; and by your leave, gentle people, I am not one of those. I will use the flower of my life in the acts and fruits of marriage.”[E5].…show more content…
From previous evidence in the text, the Wife of Bath explains why only her first three marriages worked, in this quote she use her body in marriage to get her way, she has an obligation to her husband 's, but it has been stated previously that she will use it for her profit and
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