Comparing William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet And Julius Caesar

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William shakespeare is an English poet and actor. He was born April 1564. He married Anne Hathaway and had 3 children with her Susanna, Hemet and Judith. He began his career as an actor in 1592. He chose to write plays because he was good in writing and acting. Shakespeare’s plays they demonstrate the knowledge about protestantism and Catholicism. His two greatest plays he wrote Romeo and Juliet and Julius Caesar. Shakespeare most famous and is the most common read play is Romeo and Juliet. He wanted to portray to couples to appreciate their love together. He wanted to show that even the most possible lovers can find themselves together. Even though in Romeo and Juliet their family hated each other and they only met each other that day,…show more content…
Even though at first we just think of Romeo and Juliet play about two teenagers in love. There’s a deeper meaning to the play about how you can fall in love quickly with a person then something happens to them and they end up not knowing what to do without them. In the book The Importance of William Shakespeare by Thomas Thrasher on page 46. It talks about what his two plays Henry the fourth part one and Henry the fourth part two which are considered his two greatest history plays. It states “The play moods alternate from festive to depressive and contain elements of tragedy, comedy, romance and folklore mixed in such a way as to capture the complexity of life.” This means, that William Shakespeare plays mean more than people might think. They have a way to capture the complexity of life. ("The Lord Chamberlains Men." The Importance of William Shakespeare) In Conclusion, William Shakespeare wrote plays to portray that true love does exist and others are about man fallacy. Throughout his works, you can experience many different types of stories. From comedy to tragedy even history. Everyone can enjoy his works of art and the true meaning of them. Sometimes you have to search a little deeper to find the true meaning of Shakespeare
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