Comparing Wings Of Desire Vs. Craye's Wings Of Desire And Cache

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Within the narratives of the films, Wings of Desire and Caché are two very poignant historic events that weigh upon the characters and their lives in a negative way. These events, while very prominent in the history of Germany and France, have been intentionally cast aside by some characters in attempts to live peaceful, ordinary lives. However, the extent of the terror and ruin left behind by such events has continued to haunt them in their daily lives. In Wings Of Desire, we are invited into a world as observed by two angels who are equal humanists, Damiel and Cassiel. They appear from above, and glide through the city landscape, into apartments and through the Berlin library, descending to children on the streets and accident victims… We, as spectators are observers of the observers, which is perhaps reflected in the opening of the film where one sees an enormous eye which then transgresses over to an arial view of post war Berlin. (In 1945, the destruction of the third Reich began by Soviet forces without aid from the allies. France, Britain and the United States were instructed to remain passive in order to allow the Russians to attack independently with full force. However the German army were quickly defeated and outnumbered by the power of 20 armies which included many thousands of tanks and aircraft. Berlin was therefore rapidly defeated due to the tremendous strength of the opposition.**History**) In Wings Of Desire, the city is visibly experiencing an

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