Comparing Wollstonecraft And Rousseau

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Group Essay Does the Anaheim Union District know liberty? Equality is very important, however we are not all going to achieve the same thing in life. Students are unique individuals with different dreams after high school. Therefore, we should not have the same graduation requirements. Mary Wollstonecraft and Rousseau would strongly agree with us. With a great philosopher and a smart advocate, things will likely change in a beneficial way to every student. This is important because not everyone is going to be doing the same career after high school, some will require less knowledge than others. Such as some might become engineers and some might become painters, and it wouldn 't make sense for them to get the same amount of education. There are so many different type of careers out there and we believe that we shouldn 't all have to take the same classes in high school. It’d also improve graduation statistics, there would be more teens graduating. It’d also help teens look for careers that they can do. This plan would just make the district better. It…show more content…
In one of his quotes, “Trust your heart rather than your head”, ADD CITATION HERE it is obvious he believes it matters more to what you feel in your heart rather than what others tell you. So he believes it 's more important to what you feel and what is right for you. He would demand that we should have our own necessary graduation requirements for our specific job after high school. Rousseau would also make sure that we’re taking classes that we necessarily need for our future career. He’d want us to follow our own pathway and not be so focused on what others want us to do. In this case, Rousseau would push us well enough to help us have our own individual graduation requirements. So Rousseau would definitely help us with this movement and shape us into what we want to become in the
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