Comparing Women In Ramayana, Sundiata And Macbeth

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The Role of Women in Society In this essay, I will discuss the many roles women had throughout society in The Ramayana, Sundiata and Macbeth. Based on the assigned readings, women were described as manipulative and cut-throat individuals that were willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want. With a goal in mind, they were able to exploit others into doing things their way and have favor in their eyes. The women would use their charm for good and evil, for whatever reason behind their calculated motives their actions had a tremendous impact on the outcome of the story. The Ramayana, is your basic love story “boy loves girl, girl loves boy”. Before Romeo and Juliet, you had Rama and Sita. Although the epic is not centered around them, it gives us an insight on how the author viewed…show more content…
Taking care of her husband was far more important than her looks because looks fade, but loving and sharing a life is forever. While giving his daughter away, Janak speaks highly of his daughter to Rama. Basically, letting him know how she will be as a wife. Now bound by marriage, Sita is let go from her father’s care and handed over to her husband, Rama. Once again Sita’s wifely duties is tested when Rama gets banished to the forest for 14 years. At this point, she has to decide whether to stay behind or go be with him. In the end, she chooses to be with him because a wife should follow wherever her husband goes, whether they fall or rise to the occasion, being together is what’s important. In Sundiata, the women’s role is not held on the same magnitude as the men. A woman’s existence is only defined by having a relationship with someone up in higher power. The setting takes place in a sort of “it’s a man world” society that allow women little to no rights and powers. Stated once before, the men essentially view the women as their property and nothing

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