Comparing Yeats The Stolen Child And Cat's In The

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Both Yeats ' poem alongside Harry and Sandy Chapin 's song highlight the negative aspects of reality and utilize the naïveté of children to reinforce it. In "The Stolen Child" 's refrain, the faeries tell the boy that "the world 's more full of weeping than" he can can comprehend. This is because he is a mere child who is mostly optimistic due to not being aware of his surroundings. The same goes for Chapin 's song Cat 's in the Cradle. During the refrain the boy asks his father when he 'll come home but the father replies "I don 't know when...". Despite this the sin tells him "That 's O.K." And "his smile never dimmed" because he wanted to be just like him. By using children to reinforce the negativity presented, it helps evoke a feelingo of
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